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About the Book

Why “Natural Born Manager”? Because great managers are not merely produced by management degree programs or years of job experience. They are also quite literally born with innate managerial talents and abilities that all too often go unrecognized and untapped. This book outlines a bold program for how to capitalize on human aptitudes, implement best practices, and achieve unprecedented success. The bottom line is this: If you desire to learn how to manage effectively, solve complex organizational and social problems, or clarify and pursue your life’s purpose, this book is for you. Some will be drawn to the aptitude testing and leadership transformation ideas. Others may focus on the innovative best practices provided in order to improve both their managerial skills and their work environment. Still others will seek answers to fundamental questions like: “What is the social role of management?” “Who are the most qualified to manage?” “How can I become a better manager?” “What is the best path to fulfilling my greatest potential?” Regardless of your reasons, reading this book will forever change your perspective on management, management’s role in society, and how your innate abilities can empower you both in the workplace and beyond!

Natural Born Manager addresses the two most critical challenges that businesses and governments face today.

How to improve enterprise competitiveness? Here’s how…
• Train managers in the art of leading without self-deception.
• Screen managers for behaviors that defeat organizational goals.
• Identify managers who have the potential for leadership greatness.
• Recruit managers who have the sublime nine managerial aptitudes.

How to improve managerial effectiveness? Here’s how…
• Conduct staff meetings to facilitate communication and drive results.
• Use a transition checklist to minimize problem-plagued project starts.
• Use status reports to identify and solve problems before crises develop.
• Set effective performance goals and inspire employees to achieve them.
• Use e-mail optimally to ensure accountability for commitments to perform.
• Resolve conflicts, impasses, and obstructions that stop work from getting done.
• Identify problem employees and resolve them within weeks not months or years.

Finally, with this book in hand, you will be able to identify and hire—or recognize yourself!—as an Accountability Manager, a person gifted with the Sublime Nine Managerial Aptitudes. My work with aptitudes has been inspired by the pioneering methods of noted human engineering scientist, Johnson O’Connor, for General Electric Corporation (GE) in the 1930s and later refined and administered for the general public by his not-for-profit research institute, the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, Inc., which today continues this important research into human potential.